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Brown County Getaways Inc.
Luxury Log Homes
Timeshare Lease & Policies Agreement


The Undersigned hereby agrees that they have agreed to a Timeshare Lease from Brown County Getaways with the following terms:

No Pets: Evidence of pets will result in an automatic $250.00 added charge.

No Smoking: Evidence of smoking inside cabin. Evidence will result in an automatic $250.00 charge.

This Property is for the use of the agreed upon number of guests- evidence of additional guests will result in a $50.00 charge per extra guest per night.

  Lease Time. This Lease Agreement is for the specified time and date entered on Schedule A with its location. We understand this Agreement  is  a trial version of the lease to see if the potential lessee  has an interest in leasing said properties. The cost of this trial version shall be applied as a down payment  to the 5 or 10 year lease of the properties, if the Lessee executes the Lease Agreement with-in 30 days of this date.


  1. ACCOMMODATIONS: Our leased homes reflect the taste of the management.

Specialty items vary. Many homes have Housekeeping  locked closets. Tampering with the locked closets will result in a $50.00 charge on the guest’s credit card plus any damages. Brown County Getaways will not be held responsible for errors in printing, changes made by the Owners or matters out of our control, e.g. noise, construction, the weather (snow or whatever) Any complaints regarding accommodations must be submitted to Brown County Getaways prior to check-out for consideration by the property manager.

2  CANCELLATIONS: Cancellation of a confirmed lease must be received by that Guest, not a representative of that Guest. Reservations may be  cancelled  within 72 hours following the execution of this document, excluding Sundays and legal holidays, as set forth in IC 1-1-9-1. Cancellations up to 14 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund with a $50.00 Cancellation Fee charge only. Late Cancellations and no shows will not receive a refund. For Cancellations 7-13 days before check-in a ONE NIGHTS rental rate plus all taxes will be charged. For any Cancellations less than 7 days before check-in will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of the reserved dates plus all taxes and service charges. Brown County is a rural community. The presence of lady bugs, mice, and other critters on the property may occur but are not reasons for refunds.

3.CHECK-IN time is 4:00 p.m. Please remember that throughout the season each home in the Brown County Getaways program must be readied for occupancy within a very tight schedule. In many cases, homes may require maintenance repairs, additional cleaning time etc. Guest’s arrival at 4:00 p.m. allows time to ensure that the homes are clean and ready for occupancy and may lessen the waiting period. Early check-in may be available on a limited basis. To receive details, call and request information on early check-in and any extra costs.

4.CLEANING: To ensure that homes are well maintained, cleaning and cross-inspection will occur after each departure by Brown County Getaways. All guests are required to:

    1. Wash and put away all dishes/pots/pans/silverware
    2. Collect all trash and put it in the proper container outside the cabin.
    3. Ensure the home receives reasonable cleaning during your stay, i.e. vacuuming, sweeping, etc.
    4. Leave furniture and other contents in original location and condition.
    5. When departing, leave A/C at 75 degrees/ heat at 55 degrees. Failure to comply could result in a charge to Guests credit card.
    6. Make sure all doors are secured on leaving if not an extra nights charge of the cabin will be imposed.
    7. Exit cleaning is automatically included in the flat rate that is paid by the leaser.

5. Forms of payment and Reservations: You may book on line at or call us at 1-812-829-1186. A credit card must be used to lease your cabin. Your credit card will be billed for your first nights stay at the time of your reservation, plus all taxes, service fees and non-refundable $20.00 Booking Fee. Seven (7) days prior of your arrival your credit card will be billed for the remaining charges left on the account and the credit card will also be used to cover any damage to the cabin if that happens. All cabin prices are per night for 2 persons (one bedroom). Extra bedrooms will be closed off. Additional guests will be charged from $20-50.00 per person, per night, depending on which cabin you choose. Add 15% for all taxes/ service fees. Minimum 2 night stay required for all reservations on weekends. Three (3) night minimum on all Holidays. One night stays may be available on weekdays or short notice. The specified number of extra guests must be disclosed at the time of reservation or on the day of check-in. Exceeding the specified occupancy constitutes a breach in the lease agreement and will lead to termination without a refund of rent, or all extra guests shall be charged $100.00 per person per night charged to the credit card that reserved the cabin. All guests staying at the cabins must be individually listed on the reservation contract and all vehicles, make, model, and license plate numbers must be registered as well. No unregistered guests, visitors stopping by, or vehicles are allowed on the property without prior approval. These are luxury vacation homes in a rural area intended for a relaxing getaway. Though some cabins are private and secluded, occupancy numbers are strictly enforced on each property by the Management. Only the Maximum paid guests are allowed. We lease to responsible adults over the age of 21.  

6.  NO SPECIAL EVENTS AND/OR PARTIES// If violation of this policy is reported by local management or neighbors it will result in a $300.00 special event fee charged to guests credit card.
7.  Loud Noises, use of any firearm, or other disturbances will result in eviction from the property and full charge for the rental
8  NO SMOKING is allowed in any cabin!! NO PETS are allowed in any cabin!!           $250.00 NONREFUNDABLE damage fee will be charged if there is any evidence of smoking inside this cabin and /or butts found thrown around the yard or evidence of pets.

  1. LOCK-OUT POLICY: Upon check-in you will be give a number and/or key to unlock your cabin. If this fails call 1-877-470-7667 or 1-877-242-6344 or 812-219-4500 and someone will help.
  2. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Brown County Getaways will not be responsible for personal items left on property. Guests must send a prepaid envelope or package for return shipment. No COD’s.
  3. FIREPLACES: Firewood is provided Oct-March for interior wood fireplaces only. Indoor gas fireplaces are SEASONAL and closed for the summer in June/July/August/September. Outdoor fire-pits are open year around (except in extreme dryness). Please bring your own or you may collect from the dead fallen branches from the woods. No chain-saw cutting allowed.
  4. RESERVATIONS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR: (Please read lease time at top of this Agreement) Brown County Getaways loves repeat guests. Advance reservations for the next year will be accepted. Owners of Long Term Leases  respectively have priority. We do reservations for one year in advance. All normal reservations policies apply. All next years reservations booked in the current year are subject to a price increase if any.
  5. LATE CHECK-OUT Unauthorized late check-outs shall cause the Lessee to be charged up to twice the daily rate for any portion of the day the Lessee remains on the premises. These rent plus any and all legal fees or other expenses resulting from this late check-out shall be paid by the Lessee
  6. FURNISHINGS: The Management  has furnished this cabin with the basic needs for housekeeping, cooking, etc. linens, pillows, and bedspreads are provided. Paper products, condiments and other supplies are not. Pools, hot tubs, whirlpools and other special amenities will be maintained as well as possible but NO REFUNDS will be given with regards to the condition of these special amenities. ALL HOT TUBS MUST HAVE THE COVER ON WHEN NOT IN USE OR IT WILL NOT HEAT PROPERLY. Please follow directions for Hot tubs on location of them.
  7. SUBSTITUTION/NON-AVAILABILITY: Should the home confirmed by Lessee become unavailable for any reason whatsoever, Brown County Getaways will inform Guest immediately upon us being notified and /or prior to check-in whenever possible. Every attempt to relocate the guest to a comparable home will be made, unless the Guests requests a full refund, in which case all monies will be refunded. Guests will be responsible to pay any rental amount on a substitute home that exceeds the original reservation amount.
  8. TELEPHONES: Most homes have telephones for local calls only. To make any long distance calls guests are required to use a credit card or calling card. If long distance charges are incurred during your stay, you will be charge $50.00 plus the cost of the telephone charges to the phone.
  9. LEASOR  SHALL PROVIDE:  The property shall be in a safe, clean condition and shall meet the building and housing codes. Owner’s repairs shall be made upon proper notification.
  10. MAINTENANCE HOURS: Our maintenance dept is open 8AM to 8PM seven days a week. The after hour emergency number is 1-812-219-4500. If no answer please leave a message with your call back number and the reason for your call. All calls will be returned but only true emergencies will be handled after maintenance hours.
  11. SECURITY DEPOSIT/DAMAGES. The credit card number used for the reservation will be kept on file for any damages or theft. Please report any damage upon occurrence. Charges to the Guests card may include, but not limited to: damages over and above normal wear and tear, theft, phone charges, excessive cleanup, unreturned keys, unauthorized late check-outs and unwarranted service calls. If a fee is charged, a letter will be sent to the Guest explaining the reason.  Should the guest dispute the charges or the credit card limit on the card not be sufficient to cover the theft and/or repairs/cleaning required due to excessive use of the cabin. Brown County Getaways reserves the right to charge the Guests with vandalism and pursue collection from the Guests with venue being in the County of Brown, State of Indiana. All reasonable attorneys’ fees will be at the expense of the Guests should collection become necessary.


We the undersigned have read the above Agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions thereof.




Leaser (guest)                                            Date


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